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Uriel (your real). I draw stuff and make it move. I also make music.
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Magic Match-Up! got frontpaged woah! I was not expecting it to get so much attention lol. Big thanks to everyone that's liked it so far. I'm working on new stuff for you to watch soon :)


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Open for SFW and NSFW Commissions!

Hey, I have a few slots left for commissions! I'm working on a few long-term projects at the moment but I want to have more stuff to draw during my free time. Please consider commissioning me if you like what you see. :)

Ko-Fi Page!

$35 with add-ons: Character Piece

A drawing of your favorite character(s) from any piece of media! Video games, movies, tv shows, you name it. Add-ons include $17.50 per extra character (half of original price), and $10 for a specific background.

EXAMPLE 1: PaRappa The Rapper

EXAMPLE 2: Lewd dog girl

$50 with add-ons: Character Piece 2.0

A more complex/detailed option of the 'Character Piece' choice. Add-ons include $25.00 per extra character (half of original price) and $10 for a specific background.

EXAMPLE 1: NSFW furry example (two characters)

EXAMPLE 2: Hatsune Miku

Terms of Services:

These commissions are for personal use only. Commission delivery should be expected within 2 weeks depending on complexity. Full refunds only for requests I'm unable to complete. Upfront payment via PayPal only. If you are to share your commission, please credit me and link to my Ko-Fi page or any of my social media pages (@/yourrealcruise).


NSFW commissions for 18+ year olds only. I will NOT make anything even slightly lewd for anyone who isn't of age. Prices are the same for NSFW requests, but will be subject to change depending on complexity. NSFW options available for both 'Character Piece' options (view examples above and other work on my NG page). Commissions can be more graphic than the examples but I will NOT draw: taboo sex acts (vore, inflation, incest, etc.), gore, vehicles/mecha, real people or OCs based on real people, any fetish I find too extreme. However, I can be flexible with your requests so if you have any questions, please ask! Furries welcome, of course ;)

Also, unless you specifically ask me not to, I have the right to share requests on social media. Posts of commissions will remain anonymous unless you ask to be tagged. More graphic commissions will only be shared on Newgrounds. If you're in any way interested please PM me! My PMs are always open. 

Thank you :)